The most effective competitive advantage programs deliver intelligence to several teams across the organization, and each team can consume intelligence in a different way. Developed with our most agile customers in mind., the Kompyte Consumer Portal serves as a single source of truth for all competitive and market intelligence.

In this article, you learn how to easily deliver a one-stop-shop to your organization, and personalize the experience based on Teams.

Empower your Consumers with Actionable Intelligence

Kompyte Consumers have access to your organization's power-packed Consumer Portal -

  • Share a Custom Organization Dashboard

  • Deliver Intelligence Reports to Reach Goals

  • Powerful Omni-search

  • Advanced In-app Experience

  • Ability to easily download reports to pdf

  • Feedback Loop & Insight Creation

  • Resource Center

Upon logging in, Consumers will have access to a variety of tools and intelligence -

Read on to discover key capabilities, best practices, and how to get started.

Share a Custom Organization Dashboard

From Kompyte Admin, choose a report and select "Send to Consumer Portal" to create your Portal Dashboard.

After you identify your star report, you will see the Consumer Home Dashboard icon.

This is the report all Consumers will see upon logging in and clicking on the K icon- You can set one Dashboard report. The next step is to open access to additional reports which will be located in the Reports tab of the Consumer Dashboard

Deliver Intelligence to Reach Goals

Select another report, navigate to Access from the 3 dots on the top right side of the report -

Open access for this specific report by Team, creating a unique set of assets for each group in your organization. -

Repeat this process for any other reports you'd like to share. Keep in mind Consumers can not modify or change Reports or their Dashboard.

Powerful Omni-search

Consider Kompyte your "CRM" for competitors. This powerful search functionality is what defines the Consumer Portal as a Single-source of Truth for all Competitive and Market Intelligence.

Your team can search all content they have access to -

Search a competitor's name -

Scroll down to see more available intelligence -

Expand your search. For example, Competitor Pricing -

Look for specific topics, like features -

Or acquisitions -

The possibilities are limitless.

Advanced In-app Experience

Save Kompyte Admins time and bandwidth by allowing Consumers to explore expanded data points independently. Your team now can get more actionable intelligence in real-time, increasing the overall impact of your resources.

Discover the intelligence layers of Kompyte reports -

Show details of specific insights of interest -

Feedback Loop & Insight Creation - Expanded Reach

Your team can send insights or feedback while in the main portal or with their Internet extension. Select the plus icon to create a new insight while in-app -

Learn more about how team members can deliver insights at any time when browsing the web with the Kompyte Internet Extension here.

🌟 Kompyte Client Best Practice Alert! To drive engagement and adoption, offer the team member(s) who provide the most insights/feedback a reward, like an Amazon gift card. Then create a Consumer Dashboard that includes insights into engagement so the team can follow along -

Getting started - Assign Consumer Licences

There are 2 ways to assign Licences

  • Consumer licenses are automatically assigned to anyone who an Admin or User delivers a report or insight.

  • Manually assign Consumer licenses from your Teammate section within your Settings hub.

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