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How to Send Gong Snippets to Kompyte
How to Send Gong Snippets to Kompyte

Share with all your teams what your prospects and customers really say about you and your competitors by sending key intel to Kompyte.

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Send selected snippets from Gong recordings to your Kompyte account using the Kompyte browser extension.

  1. Highlight the desired text in the Gong conversation transcript, right-click, and choose 'Copy.' Then, paste it into your browser extension to send a team-submitted insight.

  2. The text you selected, along with a link to the conversation snippet in Gong, will now appear in your Kompyte browser extension.

  3. Add screenshots if desired (the call brief could be useful here).

  4. Select the associated Company and click Save.

These snippets will be centralized in the Collect feed under Team Insights. You may also set up a workflow to tag these snippets as Gong Snippets for easy filtering.

By centralizing and analyzing these insights, you can gain valuable information into your competitors' tactics, strengths, and weaknesses. This information can then be used to inform your sales strategy and help you stay ahead of the competition.

Incorporate Gong Intel into Competitor Battlecards

Leveraging Kompyte’s automation workflow, these snippets can be auto-categorized as Gong Snippets and pinned to Competitor Battlecards, bringing conversational insights into Kompyte and Battlecards.

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