Drive Battlecard usage and adoption by embedding Kompyte Battlecards directly into Confluence

Getting Started:

  1. Navigate to

  2. Select "Distribute Battlecards"

  3. Click on "Copy Code" in the Embedded Battlecards section.

  4. On Confluence, follow the steps below:

    1. Log in as Confluence Administrator, then

    2. Go to Manage apps at Settings > Manage Apps

    3. Search for "Confluence HTML Macros" with "All apps" selected in the dropdown

    4. Under "System apps", click on "Confluence HTML Macros" to expand the app details

    5. Expand the modules in the far-right column

    6. Enable the module called "html (html-xhtml)"

    7. The HTML macro is now available. When creating or editing a page, insert the "HTML" macro:

      1. Go to + (Insert more content) > Other macros

      2. Search for the HTML macro

      3. Paste the following code inside the macro, replacing URL with the code copied from Kompyte. Modify the other parameters as you see fit.


      <iframe src="URL" noborder="0" width="830" height="800" scrolling="yes" seamless></iframe>

    8. Save the page

Battlecards are now centralized in the tool your sales reps live in providing them with easy access to the intel they need to compete stronger and win more deals.

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