We track millions of keywords on Google every day, and based on the keywords you’re using for your SEO and PPC campaigns, we can identify all the companies out there that are also ranking organically and running AdWords campaigns for these keywords.

We also know all the companies out there that are running ads or ranking on Google for similar keywords to yours - even if you’re not tracking them yet.

In the Competitors section, click the ‘Competitor Detector’ button to see the list of all these companies, and consider if they are potential competitors to start tracking as well. A couple of tips to find what you need:

  1. Sort the SEO Competitiveness and Ads Competitiveness columns to see which companies rank organically on Google or runs ads for the keywords you’re tracking

  2. Hover your mouse over the little ‘i’ next to each bar to see how many keywords they rank for or are running ads for

Have you seen a potential competitor? Click the ‘Add’ button and start tracking them right now.

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