In competitive markets, easy access to competitor intel is expected. With a robust knowledge base, you’ll be able to easily categorize, search and deliver targeted intel in the form of strategic Battlecards and targeted reports.

The information in your knowledge base is organized in boards and traits and flow through to Battlecards and reports. Trait values can be in the form of text, links, videos, articles, images, embedded links, files in Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and more.

To get started, navigate to Settings -> Boards and Traits.

Here you have a variety of existing boards and traits available to you along with the date the trait was last edited and by who, the number of reports/Battlecards the trait is present in, and the number of competitors who have values for each trait (hover over the value for a list of the specific competitors).

Leverage Kompyte’s default boards and traits or create as many customized boards and traits as you need using the Create a board or Create a trait button.

To create a new board click the Create a board button. Enter a board name and click Create.

A new board has now been created as shown below.

To add traits to your new board, click the Create a trait link. Enter a trait name and click Create (trait names can also be edited here).

Repeat this process until your board is complete.

Traits are also available within the Company Profiles under the Curated Traits area

To expose knowledge traits in Battlecards or reports, click either the Add Widget or Add Table buttons.

Choose the placement and select Curated Trait from the Source List.

Click Select Trait for a searchable view of traits.

Select the desired trait and click Save.

Search by board or trait. Select the desired trait and click Next.

Click into the cell of a trait to enter a value and click Save & Close.

Values include text, links, embedded links, videos, articles, images, files in Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and icons. Click Save & Close.

Once the knowledge base and traits are in place, commit to updating values on a regular basis and reviewing pinned insights in order to keep intel relevant and up to date. Last updated dates are displayed in the admin view to easily keep a pulse on how current your intel is.

There is a configuration setting under General Settings if you wish to hide or expose the Last updated date in the Consumer portal).

Leverage Kompyte’s Omnisearch feature to quickly search and retrieve knowledge base trait values or to enter values directly from this screen.

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