Track and report on competitor behavior and activity to better understand how your competitive landscape is addressing topics in the market through their actions. In turn, allowing teams to more effectively identify and proactively take measures to out position your competition and gain a clear market advantage in your space.

To get started

Set appropriate filters in your Collect Feed for analytics around the topic areas and insight types that are most important for you.

From here, click on a saved filter to view the total number of insights for that particular filter in the top right corner.

Drill into the number of insights to identify patterns of behavior. Behavior analytics will default to the last 30 days for all companies but select your desired date range and companies using the Company and Date Range filters at the top.

Visibility of behavior around the topic or insight type is displayed with a summary and bar chart view, evolution line graph, distribution pie chart, and the latest 10 insights.

Distribution and % of insights by company in a pie chart view.

Download a copy directly to PDF or export to CSV to easily share with your teams for up-to-date insights.

Expose behavioral analytic insights within existing Kompyte reports or Battlecards by selecting the Collect Feed source and select your desired Chart, Evolution or Summary view.

Click the arrow to the right of Select Filters to select your desired filter and then select your chart type

In addition to the Collect feed, Behavior Analytics are also accessible from the Kompyte Tools tab.

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