Kompyte makes it easy to crowdsource intel and show your support with numerous ways to contribute external intel. Shared intel is centralized in your Kompyte Collect Feed and oftentimes included in reports and Competitor Battlecards to help inform and empower others.

In this article, you'll learn the many ways you can gather sales feedback and crowdsource intel including:

  • Insight creation In-App or in the Sales Portal

  • Slack

  • Internet Extension

  • Using the Battlecard Feedback loop via the Sales Portal, CRM or CMS (using an embed code)

  • Email

In-App or Sales Portal

Click on the + button in the top right corner of the Kompyte platform or sales portal view.

From here enter comments, attachments, or even link to files in Google Drive or MS OneDrive and click Send.

From Slack

Check out this Slack integration overview video. Below are also the high-level steps for sending insights from Slack into Kompyte.

Select the Slack message you wish to send to Kompyte.

Click on the 3 dots and select More Actions.

Select Send to Kompyte from the message shortcuts (if you are not seeing this option, invite the Kompyte app to the Slack channel by @mentioning Kompyte).

Assign a competitor to the insight and click Submit.

From your Internet Browser using Kompyte’s Chrome Extension

Be sure to first download the Kompyte extension.

Access the Kompyte extension from your Chrome browser.

From the extension view, enter text and/or take a screenshot, next assign a company and click New Insight.

From within a Battlecard in the Sales Portal, CRM or CMS:

To submit feedback or intel from the field directly from a Battlecard navigate to the top right corner and click on the Suggest link.

From here enter your feedback/suggestion and click Send.

Suggestions will be pinned to the Battlecard with options for comments and threaded responses.

Emailing Insights

Once your Kompyte Admin has activated the Email Insights in the General Settings section and configured the accepted domains simply email insights directly to the unique forwarding email address in your Kompyte account.

Pro Tip: Create a Competitive Intel contact in your email directory that points to this email address.

Notifications for External Intel Sent into Kompyte

By default, intel contributed using the Suggest link from a Battlecard will automatically generate and send an email notification to account Administrators.

To receive an email notification for external intel submitted using the other methods, create a Team Generated Insights alert using workflows or ask your Customer Success Manager for assistance.

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