The first step in establishing any great solution is defining the problem. A screwdriver is a fantastic tool until it comes time to change a tire.

Kompyte's Win/Loss Analysis is designed to help sales teams clearly define the problem of competitive losses. Visualizing data recorded from your competitive deals can reveal helpful trends and insights to guide sales strategy, measure the effectiveness of sales enablement, and even build better Battlecards.

Spot and Analyze Trends

Putting all your recent and historical competitive deals all in one place can help teams realize when competitors are becoming more of a threat or less of a presence in your space.

Compare Win Rates/Deal Sizes and Sales Cycle Length When Using vs. Not Using Battlecards

Visuals on Deal Distribution and Competitors Frequently Won or Lost To Over Time

Build Better Battlecards

Informing sales reps on key insights like win-rate by competitor, recent wins, and sales rep leaderboards can have an immediate impact on your team's effectiveness in competitive deals. Many of our partners feature these clearly at the top of competitive Battlecards so the first thing reps see is the story so far on a certain competitor.

Measure the effectiveness of Sales Enablement

Our Partners use Win/Loss analysis to easily spell out the ROI of Kompyte Battlecards and the impact of other sales enablement on their competitive deals.

Have you recently implemented a new sales tool or strategy? How are you measuring its success? Learning how changes affect your sales team's win-rate is crucial to informing your next step.

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