You have the power to easily add and monitor new companies and data sources independently or with the support of your Kompyte Customer Success Manager.

To manage companies and data sources, Navigate to your Settings section.

From the Companies section click Add Company.

Enter the company name, company domain and click Add.

The new company will appear in the Ungrouped section of the company list.

Segment the company by adding it to a group. Check the box to the left of the company name and click the Manage Group button.

Select the group the company belongs to or click the + sign to create a new group and click Apply.

To manage the new company’s data sources, double click into the company row.

Read this article to learn how to add or remove company URLs for targeted tracking.

To add other data sources for monitoring, navigate to Data Sources.

Select a specific source, click the Add link.

Enter the source URL and click Done.

Once added, the source will show as gathering data.

The company list also provides an at a glance view of the added data sources for each company as shown below.

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