Hover over your company logo on the far right side to access the Settings section.

Under Companies search for the Company you wish to add URLs for and double click on the Company row.

From here, you can see all the URLs currently being tracked. You can also search for specific URLs using the search bar. To add a new URL, click on Add URLs.

Navigate to the company website, right-click on the webpage and select to open it in a new tab. Copy and paste the URL from the new tab (if you are adding multiple URLs at once, right-click on each section to open multiple new tabs and use the Copy All URLs Chrome extension to copy them all at once.

Navigate back to the Kompyte platform and click on Add URLs. From here paste the URL(s) and click on return. If the URL is already being tracked you will see a prompt as shown below.

If the URL is not currently being tracked, you will see an Ok message. Click Confirm to add the new URL.

Depending on the URL, Kompyte’s AI may auto-assign it a smart label as shown below.

If not, click on the pencil icon and assign it a label and click Apply (if the correct label does not exist, click Add a new label and create and assign a new one).

To remove a URL click on the Trash icon on the far right side.

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