Kompyte Platform Basics 🤖

  • Dashboard: The Kompyte home dashboard is the initial screen you will see when logging in. It can also be accessed by clicking on the Kompyte logo in the upper left corner. Customize your Dashboard to present the reports and analysis that matter most to you upon logging in. *Managing your dashboard
  • Collect: Access your unified insight stream to see all incoming intel on your competitors. You can filter competitive intel from multiple data sources in a number of different ways using filtering technology on the left hand side. Read this article to learn how to *create a Saved Filter and this one to learn *how to curate intelligence from the Collect Feed.
  • Reports: Kompyte allows your team to easily create, schedule, share and download comprehensive reports on your competitor's intelligence, landscape, marketing performance and additional intel gathered from Kompyte or other third-party tools using the extension. Run reports from our vast template gallery or easily build custom ad hoc reports from scratch. Check out this article for an *introduction to reporting and watch this video tutorial too learn *how to create your first Automated Insight Report.
  • Battlecards: If you are leveraging Kompyte for sales enablement, you will have access to the Battlecard suite. Check out our out of the box Battlecard templates, Battlecard extension, and analytics. Your Customer Success Manager can also assist you with custom Battlecard creation.
  • Tools: Kompyte provides several tools to enhance your competitive research and analysis: Competitor Detector, Keyword Research, Battlecard Analytics, etc. Depending on your edition, you have one or more of the tools within your platform. *Using Kompyte Tools

Account Customization 😎

You have the power to customize your account independently or with the support of your Kompyte Customer Success Manager. Navigate to your Settings section to begin customizing competitor tracking, data sources, and Listening Alerts. Learn more about *Kompyte Datasources and *creating Listening Alerts here.

Take Action & Keep Learning 🏃‍♀️

1. Check out Kompyte's Competitive Intel Academy to learn how to use market intelligence and get the most out it. You'll several articles curated in collaboration with our most successful partners for:

  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Sales Enablement
  • Product Marketing
  • Growth Marketing

2. Read a Client Success Story from a partner in your industry or with your same use case.

3. Download a free Template or Playbook geared to elevate your competitive analysis to actionable insight and tailored to each core business function from our Kompyte Resource Suite.

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